Tarot Readings

If you are wondering about a particular situation or event in your life then a tarot reading can offer clarity by allowing you to see things laid out in front of you.  This will enable you to make positive choices and decisions to move forward with your life.



 Psychic Readings

I have now introduced a psychic reading service to allow you to make contact with your guides and higher self or to contact family members who have passed on, providing that they are willing to interact, to find insight and answers that you may simply be "missing" by not hearing the messages of your intuitive higher self.

Private readings and parties available.





Tarot readings do not tell your future as nothing in life is set in stone, they simply suggest the potential outcome of a particular situation dependent on the actions of all involved.  Changes in attitude and behaviour change the likely outcome and nothing is set in stone. 

Psychic readings - connection with the specific guide or family member is not guaranteed, connection with the higher self is also dependent on permission and the openness of the individual.